At 41' long and 16' wide there is plenty of elbow room

Bear Viewing Homer, AK

Why are we the Best?

Whale Watching Alaska

Sights to see:

Sea/Shore Birds; Puffins, Gulls, Sea Ducks, Eider, Sooty Shearwaters,  Cormorant, Loons...

Whales; Killer, Humpback, Blue, Fin Beluga, Gray, North Pacific Right (rare)

Porpoise; Harbor Dall's

Pacific White Sided Dolphin

Otters, Steller Sea Lions

Seals; Northern Fur, Harbor

Jellyfish; Sunburst, Moon...and MORE!

Whale Watching Homer, AK

Are you ready to experience the amazing animal world in and around some of Alaska’s most beautiful landscapes? If so, join us for an exciting and memorable bear viewing and whale watching adventure.

 Our tours combine the best of both worlds by combining a unique wildland experience with a sea voyage all in one trip.  We love to share all that Alaska has to offer and believe you can’t experience the beauty of our great state without being exposed to both the sea life unique to our coasts and our land-loving bears.
What will you see? Of course you will be graced with some of the most beautiful vistas the world has to offer. But within these landscapes you have the chance to view up close and personal amazing sea creatures, sea and shore birds, and wildlife ranging from the black fox to the impressive brown bear. As we cruise to our bear viewing platform destination, you’ll have the opportunity to see the incredible sea life from the comfort of our 41’ catamaran motor-yacht.

One of the most popular attractions are whales. Depending on the season, you may see Orcas,  Humpback whales, and Porpoise. 
When we reach our bear viewing destination we’ll anchor, take a skiff to the beach, and prepare to visit the viewing platforms to see the incredible brown bear in its natural habitat.

Photo Opportunities! Rich with impressive scenery and wildlife, you’ll have tons of photo opportunities. Our ship Captains and guides love share everything Alaska and will stop mid-cruise to take advantage of a great action shot in nature.  Seeing the humpback whale breaching the water’s surface to get a breath of air or communicate with its pod (which can include up to 30 whales!) is awe-inspiring!

Capturing the double rainbow over an otter pod (a group of otters is also called a “pod” and can include anywhere from 50-100 of the playful creatures!).  Other great photo ops might include a big brown bear on the shore digging for clams, or bear cubs frolicking in a meadow.

 Do you do private charters? We sure do. If you prefer to enjoy your cruise with up to 11 of your closest friends as opposed to strangers, we will rent out the whole ship for your group to enjoy a personal adventure. Great for big events and gatherings, like wedding events and family reunions.

 “Bear” Necessities. Since you are joining us to view the magnificent brown bear in its natural environment, it helps to understand bear terminology. Interestingly, like pigs, male bears are called “boars” and female bears are called “sows”.

 Our Ship: The 42'’ long and 16’ wide catamaran motor-yacht, named the O'Fish'ial Business, is spacious and comfortable. Equipped with a full bathroom, the O'Fish'ial  is certified for up to 25 people, though we limit our passengers to a maximum of 12. 

Bear Viewing Alaska