Bear Viewing Boat Tours near Homer, AK

Our day-long adventures (between 8-10 hours) offer plenty of time to take advantage of those perfect photo ops. With a light lunch included, this adventure costs $375.00 per person.

 For a more private experience we will rent out the entire yacht for the day. This service costs $4,500.00, allowing for up to 18 people. This private hire options is great or the following events:

Wedding Parties
Family Reunions
Corporate Retreat Activities
College Reunions
Birthday Celebrations
Bucket List Trips!

 You are guaranteed to be “wowed” by one of our bear viewing and whale watching tours providing a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see the brown bear in its natural environment and the opportunity to catch a humpback whale breaching the surface of the water or dolphin playfully swim alongside the O'Fish'ial Business!

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What to expect from start to finish on our bear viewing excursion:
Our day has a target time of meeting at 7am but will vary based on tide to make adjustments for landing on the mud flats at our destination; Chinitna Bay. We meet on the Homer Shores Boardwalk just across the street from the Homer Harbor. Once everyone is accounted for we will load into our 16 passenger van and head down to the large boat side of the harbor. The van is utilized due to limited parking on this side of the harbor. From there, we head down the ramp to board the O'Fish'ial Business. Once aboard there will be a crew introduction and vessel safety briefing. Once everyone is situated, the adventure begins heading into Kachemak Bay with sightings of otters, a variety of sea birds and with any luck some of our larger sea mammals; whales and porpoises. We will have approximately a two and a half hour voyage through Kachemak Bay and across the Cook Inlet. Once we enter Chinitna Bay our guide will go over bear etiqutte and the other part of the crew will prepare the inflatable skiff for your beach landing. There will be up to 3 different runs from the O'Fish'ial Business to get everyone to the beach on our 15'6" skiff. We do ask that our clients have the capability of walking down a stairway and loading into the skiff as well as getting in and out on the beach. Please keep in mind the wind can kick up at anytime which is a part of the adventure. If the Captain requests that you board with a life vest on, it is a direction from a seasoned Professional and is non-negotiable. Once on the beach we will have the option of three viewing stations and if needed we can visit all three based on bear activity and traffic from the other guests in the area. Overloading the stations is not allowed so we will travel through the park at the direction of the Guide. This is a requirement from the Park Rangers and also must be followed. Bears can be anywhere throughout the process and clients are often shocked at how close they may be but remember, we are entering their home and their habitat and therefore, they can also be far off in the distance. Remember these are bears in their natural habitat and are not confined by any means. Your bear Guide will be in control of all bear deterrents and request that clients do not bring any of their own. We ask that you do not bring any food on shore during this process although you are welcome to snack on the way over and lunch will be provided on the way back to Homer. We allocate up to three hours on shore before our skiff retrieves us from the beach (again where bears have come very close to our groups) to head back to the O'Fish'ial Business. In reverse we will tie off to the main vessel and walk up the stairway back to the comforts of our main vessel. From here we have approximately a 2.5 hour ride back to the Homer Harbor. 
The safety of our crew and guests is paramount and we hope to bring each person to the closest you can be with nature. If the boat doesn't run or a trip has to be cancelled due to weather or conditions, know that we have your safety in the forefront of our minds at all times. We schedule trips around tides for our beach landing, but nature is in control of the seas we must cross and therefore if for some reason your trip is cancelled by us, refunds are processed within 7 days of the cancellation.

Why a Boat Tour is Better Than a Plane Tour?
As opposed to hiring a plane to take you to where the bears are (which costs upwards of $600.00) and missing the experience of being “in” nature as you travel to their natural environment, we provide a more personal experience. By taking an Alaska adventure boat tour, you have the chance to see and experience the wonders of the sea. On our yacht you will be able to observe everything from whales to jellyfish – and do so in a more up close and personal way. 

$375 to see the same's a no-brainer.

Alaska begins where the Road Ends

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